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Doodles Colorable Shape Tool Template Book

The Doodles Colorable Shape Tool Book is packed with 50 different black and white images to print out and get creative with! 

These diverse shapes help teachers engage children in effective teaching. The 2D printable shapes are great for your classroom displays or activities. They are sure to save you time on your next project! This book includes the following shapes: 

Watermelon Slices 
Ice Cream Cones 
Chip Bags 


Pilgrim Hats 
Witch Hats 
4-Leaf Clovers
Leprechaun Hats
Gingerbread Men
Santa Hats

Teacher’s Favorites
Apple Worms
Lunch Boxes
Recycle Signs
Light bulbs
Puzzle Pieces
Street Signs 


Check out this helpful resources.

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Fun Ways to Learn to Tell Time

Doodles Time Tools

Time flies once you learn how to tell it! This free resource features 3 tools: a diagram, activity and craft. Coloring makes learning to tell time a breeze. Download and let the fun begin! 

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Summer Writing Prompt Activities

50 Writing Prompts Celebrating Summer*

doodles-ave-summer-writing-promptSummer is finally here…let’s get writing.

In these 50 new journal prompts, kids will consider their favorite summer activities and their ideal summer days. They’ll think about the feelings they get on the day before school starts and the fun they had during summer’s first week.

1. Where is your favorite place to go during the summer?

2. Write about your ideal summer day. What does it include?

3. What is your favorite family summer tradition?

4. Choose five words to describe your summer. Why does each word fit your experience?

5. Plan a “stay-cation” for the last week of summer. What will you do?

6. Did you spend much time with friends this summer? What did you do together?

7. What is the best way to celebrate the end of summer?

8. What is your favorite summer memory?

9. How did you spend most of your summer?

10. Do you get to stay up late during the summer? What do you do with the extra time?

11. Have you ever gone to a summer camp? What was it like? If you haven’t been to a summer camp, write a fictional story about your ideal experience.

12. How do you prepare to go back to school?

13. What are you most excited to do when school starts?

14. How did you spend the Fourth of July?

15. How do you feel when summer ends?

16. What did you do on the first day of summer?

17. What would you do if summer lasted all year long?

18. Write a poem describing the last day of summer.

19. Have you ever had a summer job or done something to make money during the summer? Write about your experience or brainstorm money-making vacation ideas.

20. What are the best summer activities in our city?

21. How many times did you go swimming this summer? Write about your favorite memory at the pool.

22. Plan a different fun thing to do for each day of the last week of summer, and write about your experiences at the end of each day.

23. Write a story about your summer. Include your favorite memories and lots of descriptions.

24. How did this summer compare to other summers?

25. Did you go on vacation this summer? Where did you go? What did you do?

26. What is your favorite thing to do outside during the summer?

27. What are the key ingredients of a memorable summer?

28. How are the beginning and the end of summer different from one another?

29. How would school vacations be different if they took place during the winter instead of the summer?

30. How will you spend the rest of summer?

31. What do you feel on the night before school starts?

32. Think of three fun summer activities. Can you do any of them before the school year starts?

33. If you could spend a summer anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

34. What is your favorite summer holiday?

35. Does your family have any special rules during the summer?

36. What do you like to do on the last day of summer?

37. Are you looking forward to going back to school?

38. Write a poem that celebrates summer.

39. What is your favorite summer treat?

40. Is it better to be inside or outside during the summer?

41. Write a letter to a family member describing your summer. Don’t forget to ask what he or she did!

42. What are some special things to do during the summer?

43. What is the best part of summer?

44. Should teachers assign summer homework? Why or why not?

45. How do you know when summer has arrived?

46. What is the most exciting thing you did all summer?

47. What does it feel like when summer starts to end?

48. Which summer month is best? Why?

49. Did you keep a journal this summer? Why or why not? If so, did it help you remember your favorite events?

50. Write about summer using all five senses to describe the way you feel during the season.

Click the above image to download the template. Enjoy! 


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Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln!

doodles-ave-abraham-lincolnToday February 12th is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. We honor him for his strong character, leadership, and honesty, which is how he earned the nickname Honest Abe. During his presidency, he issued the Emancipation
Proclamation, which began the process of freeing America’s slaves, and fought to keep the nation from dividing after the Civil War.

This coloring sheet is a complimentary page  from Doodles Government Coloring Fun, one of our three 2016 books that will be released April 1st.

Click the image to download the coloring sheet.

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Groundhog Day


Happy Groundhog Day!!!

February 2, on which according to popular legend the groundhog emerges from its burrow, prompting the prediction of an early spring if it does not see its shadow or six more weeks of winter if it does.
Click the above image to download the coloring sheet.

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Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week CAIW


During this annual event, acclaimed authors and illustrators from Children’s Authors Network (CAN!) visit schools, libraries, and children’s shelters all over the country. Lively storytelling, fascinating presentations, and hands-on writing workshops make books spring to life, and inspire a life-long love of reading and writing*.

Invite a member of CAN! to visit your community for
Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week.

In honor of Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week, I created the above coloring sheets to pay homage to some of my favorite authors and illustrators.

Click the images to download the coloring sheets. Enjoy!


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Doodles Ave New Coloring Books

This year, Doodles Ave is super excited about our new titles. We are releasing three books, two of which are a part of our state book series and the other is a fascinating overview of the U.S. Government! These books will be available April 1st. Stay tuned for more information.

Learning about the U.S. government has never been so much fun!

Doodles U.S. Government Coloring Fun is designed to teach children about the functions of the three government branches and how they work together, historical laws, the levels of government, influential presidents who helped to shape the country, and symbols, songs, and structures that represent the country’s history. This book also has an activity section, which includes a word search, crossword puzzle, word creation activity, a maze, a writing prompt, and a quiz; all designed to reinforce and test lessons learned. It is ideal for citizens of all ages!
Click here to download the book preview and a free coloring page.


Fun activities help kids learn about the great state of Ohio!

Nestled in the Midwest, south of Lake Erie, the fourth largest lake of the five Great Lakes in North America at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Ohio is home to a host of natural oases and historical sites. Doodles Buckeye State Coloring Fun features 35 detailed images that highlight state symbols and educational attractions, including Ulysses S. Grant’s birthplace, The Great Serpent Mound, and more. The doodles are accompanied by interesting facts, which are reinforced through interactive games and activities, such as a crossword puzzle, word search, maze, and writing prompts.
Click here to download the book preview and a free coloring page.  


Discover a state flowing with vast waterways and diverse cultures.

Positioned between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida has been shaped by its history and geographic location into an adventurer’s paradise. Doodles Sunshine State Coloring Fun features 35 vibrant images that highlight state symbols and exciting destinations, including Fort Matanzas, Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse, and more. The doodles are accompanied by interesting facts, which are reinforced through interactive games and activities, such as a crossword puzzle, word search, maze, and writing prompts.
Click here to download the book preview and a free coloring page.  

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12 Days of Christmas Coloring Fun-Day 12

On the twelfth day: twelve Christmas lights craft

What you’ll need:
1. Glue
2. Scissors
3. Colors and/or markers
4. Yarn (or any string
like material)

How to make it:
1. Color light bulbs.
2. Cut out light bulbs.
3. Glue light bulb cutouts to yarn.
(Leave 3” of space between each light bulb cut out).
4. Now you’re done!


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12 Days of Christmas Coloring Fun-Day 4


On the fourth day: four shape tools

Click the links to download the shape tools.
Stocking , snowflake, ornament and star shape tools.

These fun shape tools could be used for decorating doors, refrigerators, Christmas tree ornaments, scrap book inserts, and much more!

Stay tuned for day five.