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Doodles Creative Colorable Writing Prompts Book

Where writing prompts meets coloring! Explore the Doodles Creative Colorable Writing Prompts Book, jammed packed with 30 different prompts coupled with relevant black and white images.

Hop on over to check out this one-of-a-kind resource!

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Doodles Colorable Shape Tool Template Book

The Doodles Colorable Shape Tool Book is packed with 50 different black and white images to print out and get creative with! 

These diverse shapes help teachers engage children in effective teaching. The 2D printable shapes are great for your classroom displays or activities. They are sure to save you time on your next project! This book includes the following shapes: 

Watermelon Slices 
Ice Cream Cones 
Chip Bags 


Pilgrim Hats 
Witch Hats 
4-Leaf Clovers
Leprechaun Hats
Gingerbread Men
Santa Hats

Teacher’s Favorites
Apple Worms
Lunch Boxes
Recycle Signs
Light bulbs
Puzzle Pieces
Street Signs 


Check out this helpful resources.

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Doodles Colorable Animal Mask Book

Doodles Animal Mask
panda bear mask
Owl Mask
deer mask
Penguin Mask
mouse mask

The Doodles Colorable Animal Mask Book is packed with 30 different black and white animal images to print out and get creative with! 

This set of 30 mask is a great choice for teachers looking for an easy, no prep craft project. This book includes the following mask:
Bear, Cat, Cheetah, Chicken, Chipmunk, Coyote, Dear, Dog, Duck, Eagle, Elephant, Fox, Frog, Goat, Koala Bear, Lamb, Lion, Monkey, Mouse, Owl, Panda Bear, Penguin, Pig, Rabbit, Raccoon, Rhinoceros, Sloth, Tiger, Toucan, Wolf. Head on over to check out this fun resource!

Teach on Teacher!

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Fun Ways to Learn to Tell Time

Doodles Time Tools

Time flies once you learn how to tell it! This free resource features 3 tools: a diagram, activity and craft. Coloring makes learning to tell time a breeze. Download and let the fun begin! 

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Coloring Diagrams and Worksheets

65% of students are considered visual learners. Use these helpful coloring diagrams and worksheets in your classroom or home this year as curriculum support. The following links are worksheets which support the featured diagrams:

Eye Worksheet
Flower Worksheet
Insect Worksheet
Tooth Worksheet
Heart Worksheet

Click the images to download the diagrams. Enjoy!

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Encouraging Kids Through Creativity



Every parent knows the importance of praise for kids. But many do not praise their children enough. Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul once sited a study that followed a group of two-year olds around for a day. The results found that the average child received 432 negative statements and only 32 positive statements every day. Praise needs to be given to encourage children. Judy H. Wright, Parent Educator, author and international speaker says, “Encouragement is the process of focusing on your children’s assets and strengths in order to build their self-confidence and feelings of worth. I like to think of the word encourage broken into “en” courage meaning I am giving you the gift of courage.”

Through praise we let our children know that we appreciate their efforts not just their accomplishments and that our love and acceptance is not dependent on their behavior. Praising children encourages them to keep trying. It helps develop confidence and imparts a feeling of being loved, appreciated, and cared for.* To assist parents and teachers in praising their students and children, I created the above activities. Click the above images to download the coloring sheets. Enjoy!


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Tin Can Phone

This is a must try project! Even in the era of the cordless and the mobile, there’s a lot to be said for the old-fashioned tin-can phone. There’s nothing flashy about this model, and you can’t send email through the wire – er, string. But it offers something more modern versions don’t – a fun project to make with a friend, and a dramatic illustration of vibration and sound waves.

What You Need:

  • Two tin cans, tops removed (Be careful to remove sharp edges)
  • Duct tape
  • A nail
  • A hammer
  • String
  • Markers, paint, glitter, felt, or other decorations (Fun Stuff)

What You Do:

  1. If the can opener left rough edges when you removed the tops, tape over them so your child won’t scratch a finger. Give her the decorating materials and let her loose! She can personalize her “phones” however she’d like.
  2. Turn both cans upside down and hammer a nail through the bottom of each can to make a hole in the center. Remove nail and set aside.
  3. Cut a long length of string – up to 10 feet.
  4. Poke one end through the bottom of one can, knotting on the inside. Repeat with the other end of string in the other can.
  5. Instruct two kids to each take a can and move apart until the string is taut.
  6. One child should put a can to his ear while the other talks directly into the other can. The sound will travel over the “wire.”

What happened? When you speak, your voice makes vibrations. Once the string is stretched tight enough, these vibrations travel down the string and vibrate the bottom of the can on the other end which, in turn, vibrates the air and those vibrations travel through the air to the other person’s ear.

As an added bonus, I’ve created a Tin Can Phone Coloring Sheet. Click the above image to download it. Enjoy!