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Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week CAIW


During this annual event, acclaimed authors and illustrators from Children’s Authors Network (CAN!) visit schools, libraries, and children’s shelters all over the country. Lively storytelling, fascinating presentations, and hands-on writing workshops make books spring to life, and inspire a life-long love of reading and writing*.

Invite a member of CAN! to visit your community for
Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week.

In honor of Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week, I created the above coloring sheets to pay homage to some of my favorite authors and illustrators.

Click the images to download the coloring sheets. Enjoy!


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International Day of Peace Coloring Sheet

Today is International Day of Peace! The United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Peace is celebrated on September 21 each year to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and promote peace.

On the International Day of Peace, also known as Peace Day, people around the world take part in various activities and organize events centered on the theme “peace”. Events vary from private gatherings to public concerts and forums involving large audiences. Activities include:

  • Interfaith peace ceremonies.
  • A toast for peace.
  • A peace choir.
  • Lighting candles.
  • Peace prayers.
  • A peace convoy of vehicles.
  • Tree planting for peace.
  • Art exhibitions promoting peace.
  • Peace walks.*

To get your kiddos involved, have them color this coloring sheet. Click here to download the International Day of Peace Coloring Sheet. Teachers, feel free to use this coloring sheet as an activity. Enjoy!

* Read more about International Day of Peace at

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Golden Nuggets for the New School Year

One of my aunts has been an educator for 14 plus years and she put together this great list of “Golden Nuggets” for children starting a new school year. Please download it, print it, and share it with everyone you know! Enjoy!

Click here to download the Golden Nuggets List.

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Great Gift for Dad…Happy Father’s Day

I’m sure I’m not the only person who loves Father’s Day. For me it just another day that I can show my dad how much I appreciate and love him. So I’ve decided to write this poem.

You Are More Than

More than a cheerleader

More than a friend

More than a listener

More than a mechanic

More than a teacher

More than a cook

More than a protector

More than a doctor

More than a leader

More than a father

More than amazing.

You are MY DAD

Happy Father’s Day

By: Setria James


In the spirit of celebrating wonderful dads everywhere, I’ve created three awsome coloring sheets
Click here to download them: 

Like Father Like Son , I love Dad , Tie Gift

These make great gifts for dads of younger kiddos. Enjoy!