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Doodles Golden State Coloring Fun

Is now available!

Travel out west to explore a state known for its extraordinary terrain and rich history. This book highlights the states’, official symbols, famous sites and historical attractions through 32 easy-to-color images paired with fun facts. It also includes state trivia activities, sure to entertain and educate visitors and Californians of all ages. To buy now click here.

Click the links below to download free coloring pages.

Golden Gate Bridge
California Redwood
Yosemite National Park
California Red-legged Frog



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Doodles Ave™ Releases Tennessee State Coloring Book Just in Time for Summer Travel

The educational colordoodles-ave-volunteer-state-coloring-funing book company Doodles Ave has just released the “Doodles Volunteer State Coloring Fun” to introduce young adults to the landscape and history of the state of Tennessee.

Dallas, TX – Coloring books are back! Both children and adults are re-engaging with this pastime for pleasure and in the case of activity books, education. Doodles Ave™ is a brand name in educational coloring books. The company provides educational coloring and activity books that engage and educate school-aged children in a fun, artistic medium. The company’s mission has been to foster education and scholastic exploration through coloring. This summer Doodles offers a new coloring book that is all about the state of Tennessee.

“We’re always excited to release new activity books to our pint-sized customers,” says James. “All of us on the team remember our own childhood love of coloring and being able to provide an avenue for our kinesthetic and visual learners to both learn and express themselves through art is a blessing.”

Tennessee is the “Volunteer State”. Through the activity book, youth and others will be able to learn more about this state and its landmarks—something that Doodles feels will be useful in the coming summer months as families travel on vacation. The 44 page-coloring book takes children on a journey through the Smoky Mountains to the Nashville Zoo, exploring famous sites and symbols of this beautiful southern state. As they color the various sites and images they are learning about them at the same time and in a way that the brain will treat as important and memorable.

“Not everyone is as fortunate as we are to be able to not only use our creativity but to use it in a way that helps children,” says James. “We are helping kids learn and entertaining them at the same time. What is better than that?”

The activity book will be released on June 1st 2017 through Amazon

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Doodles Ave New Coloring Books

This year, Doodles Ave is super excited about our new titles. We are releasing three books, two of which are a part of our state book series and the other is a fascinating overview of the U.S. Government! These books will be available April 1st. Stay tuned for more information.

Learning about the U.S. government has never been so much fun!

Doodles U.S. Government Coloring Fun is designed to teach children about the functions of the three government branches and how they work together, historical laws, the levels of government, influential presidents who helped to shape the country, and symbols, songs, and structures that represent the country’s history. This book also has an activity section, which includes a word search, crossword puzzle, word creation activity, a maze, a writing prompt, and a quiz; all designed to reinforce and test lessons learned. It is ideal for citizens of all ages!
Click here to download the book preview and a free coloring page.


Fun activities help kids learn about the great state of Ohio!

Nestled in the Midwest, south of Lake Erie, the fourth largest lake of the five Great Lakes in North America at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Ohio is home to a host of natural oases and historical sites. Doodles Buckeye State Coloring Fun features 35 detailed images that highlight state symbols and educational attractions, including Ulysses S. Grant’s birthplace, The Great Serpent Mound, and more. The doodles are accompanied by interesting facts, which are reinforced through interactive games and activities, such as a crossword puzzle, word search, maze, and writing prompts.
Click here to download the book preview and a free coloring page.  


Discover a state flowing with vast waterways and diverse cultures.

Positioned between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida has been shaped by its history and geographic location into an adventurer’s paradise. Doodles Sunshine State Coloring Fun features 35 vibrant images that highlight state symbols and exciting destinations, including Fort Matanzas, Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse, and more. The doodles are accompanied by interesting facts, which are reinforced through interactive games and activities, such as a crossword puzzle, word search, maze, and writing prompts.
Click here to download the book preview and a free coloring page.  

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Happy Flag Day!

June 14 is Flag Day! The U.S. Flagis over 225 years old. Sorry, but most people don’t get out of school and work for Flag Day.

In Pennsylvania though, it is an official state holiday. The U.S. flag has special names: Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, and Star-Spangled Banner. The flag has 13 stripes that represent each of the 13 original colonies and fifty stars: one for each U.S. state.

Click Here to Download my American Flag Coloring Sheet