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Disney-Pixar Inside Out Activities

During this pandemic, it’s important to keep the kiddos engaged, entertained and in touch with their thoughts and feelings. 

Click the above images to download the fun coloring sheets.

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12 Days of Christmas Coloring Fun-Day 9


On the ninth day: nine Christmas ornaments

Click the image above to download the ornament shapes.

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12 Days of Christmas Coloring Fun-Day 3


On the third day: three paper sack craft templates

Click the images to download the templates.

What you’ll need:
1. Glue
2. Scissors
3. Colors and/or markers
4. Paper sack (brown or white)
5. Brads (optional for snowman’s arm movement)
6. Hole punch (optional for snowman’s arm movement)

How to make these:
1. Color the elements.
2. Cut the elements out.
3. Glue them to the sack.
4. Now you’re done!

Stay tuned for day four.