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Doodles Ave™ Releases Tennessee State Coloring Book Just in Time for Summer Travel

The educational colordoodles-ave-volunteer-state-coloring-funing book company Doodles Ave has just released the “Doodles Volunteer State Coloring Fun” to introduce young adults to the landscape and history of the state of Tennessee.

Dallas, TX – Coloring books are back! Both children and adults are re-engaging with this pastime for pleasure and in the case of activity books, education. Doodles Ave™ is a brand name in educational coloring books. The company provides educational coloring and activity books that engage and educate school-aged children in a fun, artistic medium. The company’s mission has been to foster education and scholastic exploration through coloring. This summer Doodles offers a new coloring book that is all about the state of Tennessee.

“We’re always excited to release new activity books to our pint-sized customers,” says James. “All of us on the team remember our own childhood love of coloring and being able to provide an avenue for our kinesthetic and visual learners to both learn and express themselves through art is a blessing.”

Tennessee is the “Volunteer State”. Through the activity book, youth and others will be able to learn more about this state and its landmarks—something that Doodles feels will be useful in the coming summer months as families travel on vacation. The 44 page-coloring book takes children on a journey through the Smoky Mountains to the Nashville Zoo, exploring famous sites and symbols of this beautiful southern state. As they color the various sites and images they are learning about them at the same time and in a way that the brain will treat as important and memorable.

“Not everyone is as fortunate as we are to be able to not only use our creativity but to use it in a way that helps children,” says James. “We are helping kids learn and entertaining them at the same time. What is better than that?”

The activity book will be released on June 1st 2017 through Amazon

Setria James, Doodles Ave.
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to the media upon request.

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T is for Turtle

Click here to download my Turtle Coloring Sheet.

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Caterpillar Coloring Sheets

Caterpillars are fascinating creatures, mostly know for their life transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

Here are some interesting facts about the caterpillar:

  • Stage lasts about 9 to 14 days.
  • First meal is usually its own shell.
  • Can sense touch, taste, smell and light.
  • Have tiny antennae which sense smell.
  • Eat at night as well as during the day.
  • Are solitary eaters.
  • Are boneless but have over one thousand muscles.
  • Have 3 pairs of true legs and up to 5 pairs
    of prolegs.
  • Spin a small patch of silk, which is used to anchor themselves to when shedding their skin.
  • Sometimes eat their old skin.
  • May change color or physical appearance in between molts.

To continue the caterpillar fun click here to down load the above coloring sheets:
Dreaming Caterpillar Coloring Sheet , Caterpillar Coloring Sheet


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Skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex discovered-Today in History-Coloring Sheet

On this day in 1990, fossil hunter Susan Hendrickson discovers three huge bones jutting out of a cliff near Faith, South Dakota. They turn out to be part of the largest-ever Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever discovered, a 65 million-year-old specimen dubbed Sue, after its discoverer.

Amazingly, Sue’s skeleton was over 90 percent complete, and the bones were extremely well-preserved. Hendrickson’s employer, the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, paid $5,000 to the land owner, Maurice Williams, for the right to excavate the dinosaur skeleton, which was cleaned and transported to the company headquarters in Hill City. The institute’s president, Peter Larson, announced plans to build a non-profit museum to display Sue along with other fossils of the Cretaceous period.
Click here to read more >

Click here to dowload the Tyrannosaurus Rex Coloring Sheet.



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Animal Coloring Sheet Series-Flamingo

While visiting the zoo, I found myself fascinated by the flamingo exhibit. Their color and their interaction with one another caught my attention immediately.

Below are several interesting facts about the flamingo:

1. Their family is called Phoenicopteridae.

2. They are about four feet (1.2 meters) tall and have a wingspan of up to five feet (1.4 meters) and weigh between three and nine pounds (1.4 to 4 kg). They live 20 to 30 years and sometimes up to 50 years long.

3. There are six different types of flamingos that range from Africa to Europe to Asia to South America and the Caribbean. They live in shallow lakes, lagoons, swamps, and areas where the ocean mixes with fresh water.

4. Flamingos eat algae and insects and shrimp and mollusks (shellfish like clams and snails).

5. Other birds will sometimes eat their eggs or chicks. Cheetahs, jackals lions and leopards will hunt the lesser flamingo
in Africa.

Hope you enjoyed my interesting animal facts for the day.
Click here to download my Flamingo Coloring Sheet.


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Animal Coloring Sheet Series-Elephant

One of my all time favorite animals at the zoo is the elephant. I think reading the book Dumbo as a kid had something to do with this. Elephants are always so fun
to watch. Below are several interesting facts about the flamingo:

1. Elephants typically reach puberty at thirteen or fourteen years
of age
2. They have offspring up until they are around fifty years old
3. They may live seventy years or possibly more
4. The interval between births is between two and a half to four years
5. An elephant´s trunk, a union of the nose and upper lip, is a highly sensitive organ with over 100,000 muscle units.

Hope you enjoyed my interesting animal facts for the day.
Click here to download my Elephant Coloring Sheet.


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Animal Coloring Sheet Series-Lemur

Another animal that I saw at the zoo was a lemur. It’s a little scary looking, but has the best personality.

Below are some interesting facts about lemurs:

1. Lemurs are the most endangered primates.

2. Lemurs can live in both the trees and on the ground

3. Lemurs survive only on the island of Madagascar off the southeast coast of Africa
in the Indian Ocean (shown in green), and on the neighboring Comoros islands.

4. Lemurs are primates.

5. There are 88 species of lemurs.

Click here to download my Lemur Coloring Sheet.

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Found Inspiration

So this Mother’s Day, I took my mom to the zoo as a fun activity. She loved it! While there,
I was in spired to create some animal coloring sheets. My first animal coloring sheet is
the giraffe as it is one of my many favorite animals. I also learned some unique facts about
the giraffe:

1. Giraffes only sleep deeply for a few minutes at a time. Sitting on the ground, they bend their long necks down until their heads rest on their hind haunches.

2.  Giraffes live 20 to 30 years.

3. Giraffes can go for up to two weeks without water.

4. Giraffes tongue can grow up to 18 inches in length.

5. It takes 14 to 15 months for a baby giraffe to grow inside its mother’s body. When a fawn is born, it will be over 6 feet long, weighing
110-120 pounds.

Cool Fact for the day. Hope you enjoyed my interesting animal facts for the day. 

Click here to download my Giraffe Coloring Sheet.