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World Teachers Day


Arguably one of the most important careers, teaching is the only profession that touches every person on the planet one way or another. With out them, we wouldn’t have presidents, doctors, astronauts, chemist or event firefighters to name a few. Here are some wonderful tips for teacher appreciation.

Teacher Appreciation Tips*

Recognize all staff members. That includes the principal and administrative staff, custodians, the school nurse, adjustment counselors, reading specialists, the computer/media room attendant, the librarian, and others.

Spread your appreciation efforts over the year. An end-of-year lunch is great, but teachers need consistent messages of support from parents all through the year. Meaningful recognition doesn’t have to cost a lot. In honor of teachers, consider collecting poems written by students, making special announcements over the PA system, or decorating the bulletin board.

Be mindful of teachers’ time. Your group might want to plan a two-hour assembly and sit-down breakfast as part of Teacher Appreciation Week, but if your plan conflicts with standardized tests or classroom prep time, teachers aren’t going to be happy. Ask the principal in advance for a time and date that work so you can plan around any potential scheduling conflicts.

Let everyone in on it. Whether it’s by writing a note or cooking or decorating for a special day, be sure all parents have a chance to say thanks. Longbranch PTO board member Mindy Bell says her group invites families to send in $1 to help with the PTO’s weeklong teacher appreciation festivities. According to Bell, parents find this more convenient than trying to find the right gift for each teacher.

Click the links to download the above certificates and writing prompt.

Teacher Appreciation Certificate
Because of You Writing Prompt
Best Teacher Ever Certificate

Let’s celebrate teachers on today!


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12 Days of Christmas Coloring Fun-Day 7

On the seventh day: seven holiday writing prompts

Click the links below to download the writing prompts.

  1. My top 10 favorite Christmas memories are…
  2. On the way to find a Christmas tree, my family and I…
  3. Christmas is my favorite holiday because…
  4. If I could only have one gift this Christmas…
  5. My favorite part of the winter season is…
  6. If I were a reindeer…
  7. The Christmas when Santa ate more than just the cookies we made for him…


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Encouraging Kids Through Creativity



Every parent knows the importance of praise for kids. But many do not praise their children enough. Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul once sited a study that followed a group of two-year olds around for a day. The results found that the average child received 432 negative statements and only 32 positive statements every day. Praise needs to be given to encourage children. Judy H. Wright, Parent Educator, author and international speaker says, “Encouragement is the process of focusing on your children’s assets and strengths in order to build their self-confidence and feelings of worth. I like to think of the word encourage broken into “en” courage meaning I am giving you the gift of courage.”

Through praise we let our children know that we appreciate their efforts not just their accomplishments and that our love and acceptance is not dependent on their behavior. Praising children encourages them to keep trying. It helps develop confidence and imparts a feeling of being loved, appreciated, and cared for.* To assist parents and teachers in praising their students and children, I created the above activities. Click the above images to download the coloring sheets. Enjoy!