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Doodles Ave™ Releases Tennessee State Coloring Book Just in Time for Summer Travel

The educational colordoodles-ave-volunteer-state-coloring-funing book company Doodles Ave has just released the “Doodles Volunteer State Coloring Fun” to introduce young adults to the landscape and history of the state of Tennessee.

Dallas, TX – Coloring books are back! Both children and adults are re-engaging with this pastime for pleasure and in the case of activity books, education. Doodles Ave™ is a brand name in educational coloring books. The company provides educational coloring and activity books that engage and educate school-aged children in a fun, artistic medium. The company’s mission has been to foster education and scholastic exploration through coloring. This summer Doodles offers a new coloring book that is all about the state of Tennessee.

“We’re always excited to release new activity books to our pint-sized customers,” says James. “All of us on the team remember our own childhood love of coloring and being able to provide an avenue for our kinesthetic and visual learners to both learn and express themselves through art is a blessing.”

Tennessee is the “Volunteer State”. Through the activity book, youth and others will be able to learn more about this state and its landmarks—something that Doodles feels will be useful in the coming summer months as families travel on vacation. The 44 page-coloring book takes children on a journey through the Smoky Mountains to the Nashville Zoo, exploring famous sites and symbols of this beautiful southern state. As they color the various sites and images they are learning about them at the same time and in a way that the brain will treat as important and memorable.

“Not everyone is as fortunate as we are to be able to not only use our creativity but to use it in a way that helps children,” says James. “We are helping kids learn and entertaining them at the same time. What is better than that?”

The activity book will be released on June 1st 2017 through Amazon

Setria James, Doodles Ave.
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Animal Coloring Sheet Series-Lemur #parenting #kidlit #coloirngfun

Another animal that I saw at the zoo was a lemur. It’s a little scary looking, but has the best personality.

Below are some interesting facts about lemurs:

1. Lemurs are the most endangered primates.

2. Lemurs can live in both the trees and on the ground

3. Lemurs survive only on the island of Madagascar off the southeast coast of Africa
in the Indian Ocean (shown in green), and on the neighboring Comoros islands.

4. Lemurs are primates.

5. There are 88 species of lemurs.

Click here to download my Lemur Coloring Sheet.

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Happy Labor Day-Coloring Sheet

Labor Day is a great holiday to relax, barbecue, and spend time with family and friends.
It also gives us time to “honor the everyday working people. The people whose sweat build and maintain the heart of the United States.”  

Click here to download the Labor Day Coloring Sheet.

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Summer Doodles-Poem

Click here to download my Summer Doodles Coloring Sheet.

I'm dreaming of warm sandy beaches.
I'm dreaming of days by the pool.
I'm dreaming of fun in the afternoon sun,
and week after week of no school.

I'm thinking of swim suits and sprinklers,
imagining lemonade stands.
I'm lost in a daydream of squirt guns and ice cream
and plenty of time on my hands.

I'm picturing baseball and hot dogs,
Envisioning games at the park,
and how it stays light until late every night,
and seems like it never gets dark.

I long to ride skateboards and scooters.
I want to wear t-shirts and shorts.
I'd go for a hike, or I'd ride on my bike,
or play lots of summertime sports.

My revery turns to a yearning
to draw on the driveway with chalk.
It's really a bummer to daydream of summer
while shoveling snow from the walk.

–Kenn Nesbitt


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Beach Fun -Coloring Sheet and Craft

One of my favorite activities as a kid was to play in the sand on the beach. Enjoy my Beach Sand Bucket Coloring Sheet!

Another Cool Summer Craft-Activity is the Sandy Hand Mosaic.

Total Time Needed:
2-3 Hours

On your next trip to the shore, add plaster of paris to your beach bag so that your kids can preserve their sandy treasures in a handy display.

  • Beach treasures, such as shells, rocks, and sea glass (no seaweed)
  • 1 1/2 cups plaster of paris in a quart-size resealable bag
  • Water (salt water or fresh water)
  • Chopstick
  • Wood (we used driftwood)
  • Drill
  • Wood glue
  1. Sandy Hand Mosaic: Step 1 Have your child press his hand into damp, hard-packed sand, making a 2-inch-deep impression.
  2. Sandy Hand Mosaic: Step 2 Line the handprint with treasures, taking care to set them lightly without pressing them too deeply into the sand.
  3. Sandy Hand Mosaic: Step 3 Add 1 cup of water to the bag of plaster of paris. Seal the bag and knead it to combine the two. Carefully pour the wet plaster into the palm of the handprint, covering the inlaid items.
  4. Sandy Hand Mosaic: Step 4 Use a chopstick to push the plaster into the fingers and thumb. Add more plaster to the palm as needed.
  5. Sandy Hand Mosaic: Step 5 Set the chopstick in place with 2 inches of one end submerged in the plaster.
  6. Sandy Hand Mosaic: Step 6 Let the plaster set until it’s hard, at least 30 minutes. To remove the hand, carefully dig out the sand from around the plaster, then slowly lift the hand up by the chopstick handle. Wrap your project in a towel to transport it. For a tabletop display, drill a hole 2 inches deep and a little wider than your chopstick into a piece of wood. Insert the chopstick handle, and secure it with wood glue, if needed.