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Importance of Reading

Reading opens doors – doors to factual information about any subject on earth, practical or theoretical.Given the wealth of available resources such as Internet, libraries, schools and bookstores, if children can read well and if they see reading as a source of information, then for the rest of their lives they will have access to all of the accumulated knowledge of mankind,access to all of the great minds and ideas of the past and present. It truly is magic !

Through books, children can also learn about people and places from other parts of the world, improving their understanding of and concern for all of humanity. This, in turn, contributes
towards our sense that we truly live in a “global village” and may help us bring about a
more peaceful future for everyone.This can happen through nonfiction but, perhaps even more importantly, reading novels that are set in other places and time periods can give children a
deeper understanding of others through identification with individual characters and their plights.

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