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Adjective Activities

adjective-fun_cupcakes adjective-fun_flowers

Remember that adjectives can be identified using a number of formal criteria.

But the ones used in the above worksheets take on different forms to indicate their position on a scale of comparison. 
For example: Big, Bigger, Biggest 

The lowest point on the scale is known as the ABSOLUTE form, the middle point is known as the COMPARATIVE form, and the highest point is known as the SUPERLATIVE form*.
To learn more about adjectives Click Here
Click the above images to download the coloring sheets. Enjoy!


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Doodle Hat Templates

Try making these fun craft crowns and hats! Great for the classroom and home. Click the images below to download the templates. Enjoy!

Stapler or Glue or Tape

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Thanksgiving Coloring and Activity Sheets

Celebrate the season with creativity! 

Click here to down load the Coloring Sheets: