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Why Coloring Still Rules!

7 Benefits of Coloring That You Can Bring To Your Kid’s Life
By Debbi Gee

If you want to develop the color coordination skills in your child then buy the coloring games for your child. These are the excellent option for your children because they always like colorful and bright images. Children learn communication quickly through the use of symbols. These symbols are more effective if they are defined by the use of art. This way, children quickly learn to express their ideas and feelings. With coloring games they can give shape to their imagination and convey their ideas.

There are various benefits of coloring. Seven of these great benefits of coloring games are discussed below:

1. Children express their ideas and feelings by the use of colors and images. Sometime coloring is used as therapy because it helps in knowing the emotions of the children. If you want to know the underpinning issues of children then coloring can play an important role. Most of the children feel comfortable in expressing their ideas through coloring.

2. Coloring is one of the interesting hobbies and a way of learning in an entertaining atmosphere. It helps in engaging your child in a positive manner.

3. Through coloring, children get to know about different shapes, sizes and colors of any image. This way, they are able to distinguish one thing from the other.

4. The creativity involved in using colors always encourages the children. They see and understand it carefully because they like colors.

5. By using different color combinations and coordination, children are able to differentiate between different images and colors. This is one of the first steps in learning and understanding about new colors.

6. Though coloring is a fun activity for the children, gradually it becomes very valuable. It helps in developing coordination and motor skills of the children. They get to know how to hold and grip and how to control their hands while drawing.

7. With coloring, children are able to know their focus and limits. This characteristic comes to children by doing coloring within the lines. This way, the children get to know that doing coloring within the lines require some focus.

Printable coloring pages available on many coloring websites provide parents a great option to encourage the inherent creativity in their children.

Click the image above to download the Crayon Coloring Sheet. Enjoy! 


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Teaching Children to Understand and Respond to Feelings-Doodles

Teaching Children to Understand and Respond to Feelings*

Children often struggle not only with understanding their feelings, but also relating to
other people’s feelings. These skills are critical for personal well being and building relationships. Below are steps for teaching children to understand and manage
their feelings as well as identify and respond to other people’s feelings

1. Identifying Feelings
2. Planning for Strong Feelings
3. Recognizing Other People’s Feelings
4. Responding to Other People’s Feelings

Use the above coloring sheet to help them identify feelings. Enjoy!
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