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Summer Travel Coloring Fun


Traveling opens up a whole new world of adventure and learning. However, “one of the main benefits of travel in today’s times is interaction with cultures beyond own. Contact with other cultures helps us understand ways of life that are vastly different from ours, and that enhances our empathy towards others. We become less inclined to judge others just because they look different and act differently from us. Because these cultures are often beyond a country’s borders, travel with airplane is often necessary. Take the opportunity to travel now and increase your awareness of humanity*”.

Rather you are planning for a vacation or a staycation, get your kids prepared for the fun upahead. Feel free to download our destination coloring pages or purchase Destination Coloring Fun for some extended Fun. This book children on a journey through 7 continents, 27 countries, and 29 cities. While interacting with the historical destination images and activities, children will learn about diverse cultures and experience hours of coloring fun!

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Click the above images to download the coloring sheets.



Doodles Ave New Arrivals


In 2014, several parents reached out to me and openly shared their children’s learning experiences. Because of those stories and, I created these 6 new titles. It is my intent to uplift, encourage, and brighten children’s learning experiences.

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Today in History Doodle

One Hundred and Forty Five years ago on October 18, 1867, the U.S. took possession of Alaska and it became the 49th state to join our union.* The art for these coloring sheets is from the coloring book Doodles United States Coloring Fun. Click here to purchase.
Click the images above to download the coloring sheets. Enjoy!


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School House Rocks Coloring Sheet

Who remembers School House Rocks? 
Click the image below to download the coloring sheet. Enjoy!

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2012 Olympics-Inspire a Generation


The Olympics is an historic event, where the best of the best athletes come together to compete and represent their country in a world wide event. Below are several interesting facts about the 2012 Olympic games:

  1. 204 Nations are participating in the 2012 Summer Olympics.
  2. 10,500 (est) athletes are participating in the Olympics.
  3. This year’s Moto is “Inspire a Generation”.
  4. The 2012 Summer Olympic program features 26 sports and a total of 39 disciplines.

Click the above images to download the Olympic coloring sheets. Enjoy!

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St. Basil’s Coloring Sheet

Russia celebrates the anniversary of St. Basil’s

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia will celebrate the 450th anniversary of St. Basil’s Cathedral by opening an exhibition dedicated to the so-called “holy fool” who gave his name to the soaring structure of bright-hued onion domes that is a quintessential image of Russia.

Click here do download my St. Basil’s Coloring Sheet