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Make a Flip book

Flip books are a great way to have fun. Here’s how your students can easily make their own… Just have them follow these simple steps.

Watch this awesome Imagine Flip book video#

1. Download the flip book template (Print as many as you need)
2. Choose a design or character you want to animate
2. Draw/color one scene per square (slide)
3. Separate the slides by cutting down the dotted lines
4. Put the slides in order
5. Use 2-3 staples to fasten the left side of the stack of slides


  • Remember that by starting at the bottom, you get a better idea of where to draw your pictures.
  • You can start at the top if you wish, but it may be harder.
  • The more slides per second you have, the more realistic your film will be.
  • Draw your flipbook in pencil first. You can always outline in pen later. Just remember that you cannot erase pen.
  • You can use a phonebook to create longer flipbooks. Just make sure to either write on the border of the pages, or use a black marker on top of the pages.
  • A way to preserve your flipbook (and drive you absolutely insane) is to photograph each page in such a way that allows you to put them or less, similar to a stop motion.